Don’t let those other blogs using the keywords like SCAM lead you astray. They are mostly created or replicated by the company itself. They’re meant to lead you away from their dirty little secrets. These sites pretend to blame the innocent people who have been duped into believing their lies by trying to get you to believe these people are just disgruntled MLM failures. The fact is, WorldVentures fails to deliver to the little people and has been built for only  a select few who are “in” with the founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. The bad news for them all is that the real truth and ugly reality is unfolding in a Dallas court room. The good news for everyone else is that no more can they blame the so-called failure who just didn’t follow their rules of “working real hard” and “never quitting” for posting comments on blogs and other scam websites. They cannot hide underneath their lies anymore.

The following are excerpts from other blogs now surfacing from real people who are taking the time to research the evidence now offered as public record. You can research and see for yourself too.

Here is the public website of the Dallas county court system: The case number is: dc1109451

Simply type into the box and you’ll see tons of stuff. Here is some of the things people are finding and posting…..

This document shows that Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent pleaded guilty to income tax evasion just this past year:

This one shows how IMDs Dave and Yvette Ulloa are really NOT even IMD or were NMD when the company told the world that they were:

This one is amazing. It has 3 former employees, two of which themselves manipulated the compensation plan for Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent as directed by Azcue and Nugent and Eddie Head, another officer of the company:

The following content was taken from this blog website:

WorldVentures regularly edifies its top income earners, pac team members and so-called leaders as having achieved certain ranks in an effort to promote their business opportunity product.

These “recognized” ranks give the consumer the impression that the individuals being promoted as a certain level of rank are achieving financial success based on the marketing of the companies products, which is really just a way to build value for the fees they charge that is then shared with the up-line since it is a network marketing company.

Although this is a very successful and common practice in the direct selling business world, the false representation by WorldVentures of their top earners hurts the end user consumer by selling them a dream that they too could achieve similar financial freedom.

However, it is now public record that the so-called leaders in many cases have not actually achieved said ranks and have further been given special treatment by the owners of the company by placing them in high ranking positions in the binary compensation plan. The company additionally allows these leaders to do what’s called “bonus buying” whereby they pay for multiple other business centers below them to keep them artificially elevated at a rank they did not in most cases achieve legally in the first place. In some cases this bonus buying has been in the hundreds of positions paid for by a rep to keep a high rank since that higher rank pays them an even greater reward (commission check) than they would have realized at the lower rank.

The worst part of all is that these infractions which are all against there won company policies and procedures are done by the company owners themselves Mike Azcue, the CEO and Wayne Nugent, the CVO. These two not only own the top position of the the company (the top of the “pyramid” since it’s a binary compensation plan) but they own the immediate right and left spots respectively as well as many other strategically placed positions throughout the entire company organization.

Not only are they the main benefactors of he entire downline, but they manipulate the compensation plan with their own friends like in the case of Matt Morris. Morris was given one of the highest positions at the top of the company, to the benefit of the owners as well as “grandfathered” as they highest rank in the company (IMD).

These false representations to people like myself who not only paid to be in the opportunity but spent thousands going to their events in hopes of learning the secrets of how these top income earners make the money is a horrible injustice to the vast majority who also believe their lies.

I learned the truth after I finally figured out it’s all a big scam for the top people by continuing to research the company in hopes of finding the truth to help expose it to other consumers and people looking for a real business opportunity. The truth was finally made public when the company decided to sue one of its former executives when he started another travel company.

This other executive who was the President of the company is Robert Oblon who is also credited with being one of the co-founders. Oblon seems to have parted ways around mid 2009 about the same an announcement was made about the CEO of time, Mike Conway, was no longer going to run the day to day operations. This timing seems fishy.

You can review all of the public documents through the Dallas court website by simply typing in the case number: dc1109451
The public website for the court is:
Specifically note the document filed 3/23/2012 called:
Motion – Summary Judgement CV’
Scroll down to the many affidavits, including the one by someone named Ray McDonald. This is very telling and my guess is that this lawsuit is going to continue to expose what’s really going on behind the scenes.

After reading through many of the court documents, I found most of what I wrote above including many other elements that helps put the whole picture together. I spent a couple of years trying very hard to follow the company’s training and leaders who taught how to “build a downline” only to find it almost impossible to make any money, let alone work full time from home.

It’s tragic that this is allowed to happen to innocent people who have no way of knowing what’s really going on behind the scenes. Someone should really take a stand like an attorney general or some consumer protection agency to protect us all from companies like this who take people’s money for only a few benefactors at the top. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of a ponzi scheme.